IOGenie Home Guardian

Monitor your children's PC activity and protect their internet safety with this freeware.

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Record keystrokes typed on their keyboards

Take snapshots of their computer screen

Monitor all websites & applications they open

Receive monitoring reports by email

Run in background & perform monitoring secretly

What is IOGenie Home Guardian?
IOGenie Home Guardian is under-age children computer system monitoring software. It protects your children's internet safety by monitoring and recording all their PC activities and sending reports to your specified email. It works like a cyberspace guardian as long as your kids are using their computers online. With the software, you will be able to know all their keystrokes typed on the keyboards, all the websites including those social media sites they surf, all the programs like dating apps they use, all the texts they copied to system clipboard. It even takes screenshots of the PC Desktop like a security camera pointing at the screen. (Keyboard recording is completely free, while other advanced features like web visit monitoring and screenshot require upgraded license.)

As a covert surveillance software, it works secretly and invisible in system background after Invisible Mode is started. The monitored user won't be able to know its existence unless you tell them in person. You can receive IOGenie Home Guardian log reports in HTML format with text data as well as JPG format screenshots. Reports can be sent hourly or more frequently, which enable you keep a close eye on your kids on special occasions.

IOGenie Home Guardian is compatible on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 and Windows Server. It is very easy to use even for beginners with the graphical and intuitive user interface. You can also get step-by-step guidance from its online manual and make good use of the software. Our customers with a upgraded license will get preminum support from our customer support team.
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Protect your kids by start monitoring and get reported.
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