IOGenie Batch Renamer

Rename a huge number of files quickly by your own defined rules with the freeware.


 Replace text in file names

 Replace text in file extensions

 Delete text in file names

 Insert text or serial number

 Change case of file names

What is IOGenie Batch Renamer?
IOGenie Batch Renamer is freeware product for you to change the name of multiple files in a flash. You can specify your own naming criteria for the files you want to modify, like replace texts in file name or extension, delete unwanted characters or words from it, insert new words or serial numbers in the front, at the end or in the middle of file names. Furthermore, you can also change the names to upper case, lower case or capitalize each word in them. IOGenie Batch Renamer is a handy tool that enables you to batch rename a vast number of files on your computer and enable you to find them quickly later on.
Start Using in 3 Easy Steps
Click Download button the info page to open download page.
Download and run the app on the device you want to use.
Click Add Files and Rename to change file names in bulk.
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