IOGenie File Hider Free

The best free app for file &

folder safeguard!

Hide your important photos, videos & files from prying eyes.
Encrypt confidential files to protect your business.


 Hide files, folders & USB Drives

 Encrypt files & folders with your private key (Pro)

 Protect app login with your password

 Set password locks to hidden / encrypted files

 Intuitive and user-friendly interface

 Free to use for lifetime

What is IOGenie File Hider?
IOGenie File Hider is a free yet powerful tool to hide your sensitive files, videos, photos and confidential business documents on your computer. You can instantly make your files and folders invisible, inaccessible and protect them from modification or removal. The application is protected by a login password you setup after installation. That makes it impossible for others to access the app. What's more interesting? For each file, folder or USB drive, you can set a seperate password to lock it up, which provides double safety insurance. Installing the app is easy and fast, after that you will intuitively know what to do when looking at its user-friendly interface.
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